5 Tips To Stay Out Of a Friend Zone With a Girl

5 Tips To Stay Out Of a Friend Zone With a Girl

First things first. The number one reason why you’re on a friend zone is because you never stated your intentions. How is a girl supposed to know that you like her if you don’t tell her? This is a critical move if you want to stay out of the friend zone.

Have you ever been in the friend zone? Or maybe you’re in the friend zone right now. If so, these tips might help you to get out to that dreaded friend zone with a girl;

  1. Stay away from pleasant compliments.

Pleasant compliments such as “you look really pretty” or “you have nice eyes” and instead, go for something a little bit more sexual such as “you have got such a hot body”. This is really important because you are expressing more sexual side of your character, which a lot of nice guys don’t do. A lot of nice guys will give her nice compliments that she could get from her friends. You want to get away from that whole nice guy persona as soon as possible.

  1. Use double-sided compliments.

In this type of compliment, you are showing how you’re demonstrating the fact that you know exactly what you want and you know what turns you on without actually directing it to her. What you do is you give her a kind of vague compliment like “what if you were wearing a tight black dress, I would be really trying to make a move on you now.” It’s a very powerful attraction spike that friends don’t do. Guys who were stuck in the friend zone would never think about doing something like this.

  1. Avoid meeting up with her on daytime dates.

Daytime dates such as having coffees or lunches is a big NOPE if you want to exit the friend zone. They rarely lead to sex and guys going on a date in the daytime usually ended up in the friend zone. Daytime dates are something she would do with her female and male friends. In your case, you would be putting yourself in that category too early on. Only take a girl out on a date in the daytime after you’ve had sex.

  1. Don’t tolerate her talking about other men.

You might think that she’s moaning or complaining about this guy that she really likes or you were feeling that she might like him. Don’t start playing the “shoulder to cry on” and don’t start acting like you’re a good friend that’s going to listen to her and give her advice. A lot of guys actually fall into this trap. It sounds really illogical, but they do fall into that trap.

  1. Do not develop oneitis.

Be very aware of your feelings and where they’re going. Develop a strong attraction, maybe for a woman you’re in a relationship with no problem. But if this girl you’re not even having sex with and not really developing oneitis, be very careful. That’s usually where it starts going wrong. You start becoming needy because you’re so infatuated with this girl that you’ll start doing anything just to be around her. You’ll start convincing yourself that if you just make her smile, then one day she’s just going to turn around and appreciate everything you do to her. But it doesn’t work out like that. That happens in the movies, but the reality is, she just sees you as a friend.

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